Cape Breton’s How2trak shines on global stage

March 27, 2017

A Cape Breton company hit the world stage last week to announce a breakthrough that will provide better wound care around the world.

Using Health Outcomes Worldwide’s how2trak software application, doctors and nurses can now get the most up-to-date information on the treatment and research of patients’ wounds.

At a conference in Abu Dhabi, the company announced that, through a worldwide partnership, they can drive innovation in how wounds are treated, researched and supported.

“We can help clinicians collect data, assess wounds and discover best practices for care. Half of the work in homes here in Nova Scotia is related to wound care,” said Paul

“For nurses, they do a whole lot of education, but wound care isn’t a big part of it.

“With this

Founders of the partnership — titled the Global Outcomes Collaborative — include doctors from Canada, the United

The company will now deploy how2trak Wound Care systems within the Sheikh Khalifa Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi as well.


“A number of world leaders want to collaborate for publications and clinical trials, and use this software to collect data. Now we can bring this type of technology to Cape Breton and help people here, too,” he said.

“We see that 30 to 40

“Doing things inefficiently can extend the time it takes to heal, and surgical site infections and unnecessary issues can crop up. These affect

He remembers a call for a surgeon six months

“Our algorithms led to further evaluations, and they realized they didn’t have to amputate,” said

“High-quality research and standardized tools like ours find new ways and treatments for the people who need it.”


“We are based on international, evidence-based standards. We have synthesized leading evidence in the field, and doctors can have that in front of them,” he said. “We are generating awareness that this is the best way to treat wounds.”

“As a Cape Breton company, we look forward to working in Nova Scotia, and having a dramatic impact on care of those in our province and those around the world.”

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