Health Outcomes Worldwide Launches New Surgical Site Infection Surveillance Application

October 26, 2016

NEW WATERFORD, NOVA SCOTIA-- Health Outcomes Worldwide (HOW), one of Canada's top e-health software solution providers, is pleased to announce the launch of its newest application: how2trak® Surgical Site Infection Surveillance (SSIS). This innovative tool will enable surgeons and their teams to monitor their patients remotely to catch early warning signs of infection post-discharge.

The World Health Organization has recognized surgical site infection as the 2nd most important safety issue in health care. These infections typically occur 7-10 days after surgery, often when a patient is at home. Patients with surgical site infection are five times more likely to be readmitted to hospital, and two times more likely to die. At present, surgeons and their teams have limited ability – often requiring a follow-up visit in their office or clinic – to monitor for signs of infection.

“When we looked at our database of wounds in Canada, we saw an alarming number of open surgical wounds,” said Corrine McIsaac, HOW Founder and CEO. “As an innovator in wound care, we wanted to enable surgeons to monitor their patients and avoid unnecessary complications such as pain and suffering, as well as costly visits to the ER or readmissions to hospitals.”

HOW’s new SSIS application will enable patients or their caregivers to take a picture of their incision and answer a series of simple questions – for example if they have a temperature, are in pain, or if their incision is hot to touch. This information is then submitted through HOW’s secure cloud platform to the patient’s surgeon for review to identify early warning signs of infection. If something appears to be potentially troublesome, the surgeon can communicate directly to their office or the patient within the App.

“In Canada, we’re seeing an increase in focus on preventing surgical site infections with a number of quality improvement programs being launched,” said McIsaac. “And in the United States, hospitals are starting to get fined for hospital readmissions due to surgical site infections. We believe that the SSIS tool can help surgeons and hospitals improve their performance, deliver better outcomes, and prevent fines and unnecessary costs.”

The original concept of the SSIS application was tested with a group of patients who recently underwent a caesarian section at the University of Calgary. Study leader, Dr. Eliana Castillo, commented: “…an innovative surveillance system like how2trak® SSIS is a very attractive alternative to other post-discharge surveillance systems for caesarian section-related surgical site infections (SSI); it uses online database and mobile phone technology widely accessible nowadays to patients and care providers, and enables them to actively participate in community-based SSI surveillance with minimal training requirements and low data management costs.”

Both the Physician and Patient how2trak® SSIS applications function on any iOS or Android device, and is available on both the Canada and US Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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