Tired of tracking down surgeons & spending hours on the phone gathering information for reports?

With no tools available for physicians to easily monitor their patients post-operatively, patients can easily end up being readmitted to the hospital due to post-op infections without anyone having ever tracked their progress - leaving it up to Quality Assessment teams to piece together the outcomes.

Our surgical surveillance software, how2trak Surgery, enables physicians & their teams to receive photos and other critical information from their patients via mobile devices, empowering remote monitoring of patients & automated reporting.

This means that not only can infections be detected & treated earlier, but every detail of a patient’s pre & post op data is automatically collected & submitted to a secure central database.

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Built with Infection Prevention & Quality Control in mind!

Our how2trak Surgery Control Panel - built specifically with Infection Prevention & Quality Control in mind - allows personnel to access reports from the database at anytime.

Users can build detailed reports by analyzing the entire organization or by focusing on individual surgeons.

All of the data you need to collect for quality assessment available at your fingertips - anywhere - anytime!

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How Surgeons & Infection prevention Work Together

Features & Benefits

Report with Accuracy & Speed
  • Ability to report on surgical category or procedure
  • Ability to report on individual surgeon, department, or entire organization
  • Reports can be exported easily into common formats like excel documents
Empower Surgical Teams
  • Allows surgical teams to monitor patients remotely and prioritize patients easily
  • Surgical clinics and individuals surgeons will build their capacity
  • Surgeons will identify infections sooner
Strengthen Communication & Security
  • Track pre & post-op procedures with accuracy
  • Build healthy communication with surgical teams
  • Store pre- and post-op surgical data in a secure centralized database

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