Risk is inherent in any surgery. But even up to 30 days after surgery - long after leaving the hospital - patients are still at risk for post-surgical infection. Not only is this potentially detrimental to the patient, but it also leaves hospitals & surgeons at serious risk for litigation.

With no tools available for physicians to easily monitor & track their patients for infections, hospitals & surgeons are left easily susceptible to accusations of failing to show due diligence.

To avoid litigation like this, what if you could utilize a platform that would safeguard hospitals & surgeons against possible litigation...

how2trak Surgery Is Your Litigation Safeguard Platform!

Our surgical surveillance software, how2trak Surgery, enables physicians & their teams to receive photos & other critical information from their patients via mobile devices, empowering the remote monitoring of patients and creating defensible reporting.

This functionality means litigation teams will have access to a safe & secure database that contains surgeons pre and post operative data, defensible analytics and reporting via our how2trak Surgery Control Panel, and much more - all at your fingertips 24/7! 

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