Overly Expensive Wound care Costs? Not anymore.

When patients don’t receive best practice treatment, it’s normal for their wounds to often persist for months or years on end, requiring copious amounts of time, resources, and professional attention - all contributing to a very high price tag.

Did you know 20% of residents who have been in SNF for 2 years will have at least 1 pressure ulcer? Or that skin and wound allegations are the second leading cause for litigation in SNF?

These realities can be extremely costly to any Long Term Care facility... but not if you have the tools! 

We know that when front line healthcare providers are alerted to patient-specific best practices in real time, wound complications can often be prevented from ever occurring in the first place, and if they do occur they can be healed faster and more cost efficiently by enabling best practice. That's where pur wound care management software, how2trak Wound Care, comes into play! 

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Let's talk about outcomes!

Long term care facilities using how2trak Wound Care save between 33-36% in Human Resource costs. They also see an additional 15% savings in product costs!

Speaking to treatment outcomes, organizations have also seen a 42% reduction in overall wound prevalence; a 25% reduction in pressure ulcer prevalence; and a 50% reduction in the prevalence of skin tears.

These are just few highlighted improvements our how2trak Wound Care app can bring to your long term care facility!

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How it works

how2trak Wound Care empowers clinicians & nurses to provide world class wound care through clinical decision support, automated wound measurement, electronic documentation, data gathering and reporting.

With over 3 million data points, our how2trak Wound Care app can activate measurement and evaluation of any documented variable within the system – including patient age, comorbidity, wound measurement or product selection. The app also tracks wound healing progress, alerts clinicians to problems, and provides best practice decision-support recommendations to clinicians.

Additionally, administrators can create reports to support system achievements & improvements - all the while defensible documentation is available at the click of a button!

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Features & Benefits

How the Facility Benefits
  • Saves time, money, and material as a direct result of patients recovering faster
  • Tracks product efficiency in healing wounds
  • Provides defensible documentation for each patient
  • Enable seamless transitions between care settings
How Clinicians Benefits
  • Improves levels of confidence, wound care knowledge, and efficiency
  • Increases capacity for ET’s, WCS, & Physicians
  • Automated wound measurements
  • Real-time tracking of wound progress to closure
How Patients Benefit
  • Wounds close 70% faster
  • Patients recover faster and require fewer visits with clinicians
  • Engaged in the prevention and management of their wounds
  • A feeling of safety & security that wound is being monitored

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