Risk is inherent in any surgery

But even up to 30 days after a surgery – long after leaving the hospital – patients are still at risk for post-surgical infection. With no tools available for physicians to easily monitor their patients for infection, patients can easily end up in the ER or be readmitted to hospital due to infection.

Our surgical surveillance software, how2trak Surgery,  enables physicians and their teams to receive photos and critical information about their patient’s surgical site and communicate directly with them, empowering remote monitoring of their patient’s recovery.

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Detect & Treat Infections Earlier!

Because of the ability to monitor patients remotely via the how2trak Surgery app, infections can be detected and treated early, enabling patients to recuperate at home, without the need to return to hospital.

This remote monitoring and open communication with patients also eliminates any middle-man confusion with say a family physicians or open-clinic MD.

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How it works

Features & Benefits

Empower Your Surgical Practice
  • Monitor patients remotely
  • Prioritize patients
  • Increase capacity
  • Identify infection sooner
Protects & Improves Hospitals
  • Prevent fines to hospital or practice
  • Prevent visits to ER
  • Prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions
  • Augment surgical quality improvement initiatives
Improves Patient Care
  • The app is very easy to use for patients
  • Provides an overall better patient experience
  • Lowers patient anxiety
  • Avoids unnecessary patient travel

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