Matthew Hunter

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Hunter received a Commodore 64 for his 7th birthday, was programming in BASIC by the end of the day, and never stopped. 

After founding a small website company in 1996, he went on to write an anti-plagiarism tool for professors that was featured in the New York Times, Wired, Rolling Stone, and even used as an answer on Jeopardy.

Matt joined the Web Application Research and Development team at Virginia Tech in 2000, where he became focused on large-scale interactive web applications. At VT he was responsible for keeping the 10+ servers that managed the school’s web portal system running smoothly, while also writing the majority of the code for the back-end of that application. At Virginia Tech he also developed an innovative multi-datasource distributed authentication system that was presented at an Internet2 conference, before moving back to Canada in 2005

Over the past 20 years Matt has held applications/systems analyst positions at three universities, written VOIP and surveillance software for a research company, developed custom asset tracking software for a major Hollywood studio, and written back-end low-level device and system management code for slot machines. The diversity of this experience has provided him with the opportunity to work in over a dozen programming languages, and learn a variety of development and deployment methodologies.

When Matt isn’t coding, he’s out hiking with his family, or running. He has completed several ultra-marathons, numerous marathons, and finds that long-distance running is the best way to stay centred.