Top Level Security

At Health Outcomes Worldwide, we take the security and stability of your data and services extremely seriously, partnering with one the web's most reliable security-as-a-service solutions - Alert Logic.  

With our combined expert services assessing, detecting, and blocking digital threats, you can rest assured that when your organization adopts one of our how2trak applications your data and information is secure.

Stability You Can Count On!

Our private cloud is hosted by industry leading service provider, Amazon Web Services, which means your data is incredibly safe, secure, and stable.

We are dedicated to keeping your application available around the clock, 99.999% of the time!

Overview of Security Protocol

Our entire server architecture is monitored 24/7/365 by Alert Logic for attempted intrusion detection and breaches.

All of our data is stored in-country on cloud based servers, never being transferred across international borders.

All data is stored behind several layers of security, with Patient Identifiable Information being encrypted at rest inside our database.

All of our data is only transmitted over secured TLS connections and is securely backed up to near site and off-site locations for quick disaster recovery.

App-Specific Security Features

how2trak Wound Care

  • Users have the ability to work offline when a network connection is unavailable and then later sync databases securely over TLS with HOW servers.

  • All of the data stored locally for our offline application functionality is stored in an encrypted database inside the application’s secure sandbox.

  • Information synced to mobile devices is limited to the patient and only the authenticated user is allowed to view it.

  • Local login credentials are automatically time-limited and require server-based re-authentication after a client-configurable period of time passes (typically 2-7 days).

  • All stored photos are linked to a unique patient record, and can only be accessed via their randomly generated GUID’s.

how2trak Surgery

  • No patient data is stored locally on mobile devices. All captured information and photos are sent securely over TLS to HOW servers.

  • Our application is password protected with secure password standards and authenticates against our servers over TLS.

  • Photos taken with the application are transmitted directly from the camera into our application’s memory - never residing in the common photo-stream of the device itself.

  • All stored photos are linked to a unique patient record and can only be accessed via their randomly generated GUID’s.